From Error To Truth


From weakness to strength,
from ignorance to knowledge,
from want to satisfaction,
from effort to result,
from acquisition to possession,
from privation to wealth,
from error to truth,
from experience to foresight.
-Frederic Bastiat

"The prosperity of a country depends, not on the abundance of its revenues, nor on the strength of its fortifications, nor on the beauty of its public buildings; but it consists in the number of its cultivated citizens, in its men of education, enlightenment, and character; here are to be found its true interest, its chief strength, its real power."


The Standard of Good is that all good starts and ends with each individual. It is the fundamental principle that for the world to become better, it is the responsibility of each individual to become the very best they can be

Liberty and Character

"If you value liberty, you must understand that character is an indispensable ingredient—a necessary pre-condition—for a free society." -Lawrence Reed

Liberty is misunderstood

Life is a Gift From God - by Frederic Bastiat

(or whoever your creator is--for those who will focus on the word "God" and not the message).

There's Only One Way Law May Be Used in a Free Society.

Can you tell me 5 Rights you have without naming any on the Bill of Rights?

If not, you might not understand what liberty Really is.

The Most Important aspect of your liberty is to understand Rights vs. Privileges

Individual Rights in 2 mins

The Law
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We produce videos that have a specific purpose. Thomas Paine once said "Man cannot make principles, he can only discover them." Well, as we discover them--we share them. We put our focus on all things good! It is our belief that there is more good going on in this world then there is evil. It is only our perception which makes it true or false.

stand for Good

We promote the things we love. This is not about politics, it's about Principles. We Stand for Character Building, Individual Rights, Freedom, and Proper use of The Law--which is justice for each Individual by protecting all aspects of their life, liberty, and property.